For centuries there had been wine and beer cellars in the hills west of Linz (Austria) formed out of sand of prehistorical seas. During the course of the Second World War, existing cellars were extended to giant kilometre-long tunnels for the purpose of air-raid protection. The construction of the system would not have been possible without the exploitation of concentration camp prisoners from nearby Mauthausen.

Only recently it has become possible to access parts of the tunnel systemthe Limonistollen, with guided tours given by licensed AustriaGuides (recommended rate for English-speaking tour: € 205,--). Below you will find the English-speaking guides. Some of them also offer more tours giving emphasis on issues of contemporary history in and around Linz.

Gabriela Studener


Mobile: 0664-5344382, Landline: 0732-781741



Casimir Paltinger 

Mobile: +43 676 305 21 87

My work focuses predominantely on contemporary issues. Thus my program of guided tours covers aspects like the former Air Raid Shelter – the Limonistollen -, The Red Linz, Jewish Traces in Linz and the Memorial Sites of the former concentration camps of Mauthausen, Gusen and Ebensee as well as the euthanasia-institution of Hartheim. My purpose is to explain, to make understand: my contribution to not repeat the mistakes committed in the past.


Linz is known for its importance in research and labour, as well as for its importance as a place of contemporary art. But Linz is definitely not known to have ever played a decisive role in politics or contemporary history. However in the 20th century Linz played a quite significant role on several occasions.


The city awaits the visitor with some historic surprises: Linz was a divided town between the USA and USSR after the Second World War; Austria’s only Civil War broke out in Linz 1934; the annexation of Austria to the Third Reich was proclaimed in Linz, Jewish DP-Camps after 1945 were built up in Linz.


Silvia Mayr-Pranzeneder

mobile: +43 664 413 68 58


The most important message for me is not forgetting and remembering the past. People, especially young adults, should reflect on what they are told and should be critical with general public opinions. We all should question our views and believes, and then decide for ourselves what the truth could be. These are only a few of the reasons why I think it is important to tell you the story of people longtime forgotten who had a history and a life here in the former air raid shelters of Linz....


Possible combination of tours:

Air raid shelter and city walk in Linz (emphasized on Linz between 1938 and 1945)

Air raid shelter and New Cathedral

Air raid shelter and memorial Mauthausen

Air raid shelter and sightseeing tour by bus of Linz during the naziregime